The origin of what is ordinary is nothing to balk at. The ordinary forms the backbone of something and establishes a standard by which the rest is measured. It is a frame of reference that allows us to recognize and celebrate the special or distinctive.

Ordinary Time is a liturgical season that occurs twice within the year. Unlike summer, winter, fall or spring, which occur only once during a given year Ordinary Time pops up twice. We are currently in Ordinary Time I, which will soon fall back so that we can enter into the penitential season of Lent and then on to Easter.

In some ways Ordinary Time can become a rest from the rest of the liturgical celebrations. However, if we have been paying attention to the Sunday readings we probably should never rest from feeding the Spirit. This means that we should take advantage of prayerful growth in our devotion to God and His Church through knowing, loving and serving Him.


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