Prayer List


PRAYER LIST as of 9-24-2017

Pray for: Darcy Cassidy, Father Isaac, Jose Morales, Marge Schafer, Jim Schultz, Carolina Padron, Lorie Halsell, M. Bibeault, John Tyree, Andy Dermanoski (who is stationed in Baghdad in the Green Zone), Elsie Dowden, Paul Hicks and Briana Danahy, Shelley Morrison, Fred W, Kelly Spanabel, Pam Sitler,  Lisa Lopez, Wayne Winn, Sr. and Markazie Marie Danahy.

Please let the parish office (phone 254-675-8877 or email know if someone needs to be added to or removed from the Prayer List. You can also put a note in the collection basket with your request. Please put the name of the person needing prayers and your name and phone number in case we need to follow up.